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Essential Training School - Barista Course

Welcome to the Essential Training School Barista Course.

About ETS

Essential Training School (ETS) is run and operated as the sister company to Essential Staff.

ETS aims to offer comprehensive, timely and relevant vocational courses for students at different levels of experience, for those who want to pursue the career in Hospitality and Catering Industry and for those who are keen to add to their resume.

Level One | Four Weeks | 24 hours | £320
This course is designed and produced for those that want to learn how to work with coffee.

  • You will learn about different coffee plants, processing and roasting.
  • How to use and adjust different machinery and learn about different makes of machinery.
  • How to pull the perfect shot of Espresso
  • Create micro-foam for delicious drink
  • Test

Level Two | Two Weeks | 15 hours | £320
Advancing upon the history, preparation and types of coffee, level two aims to equip you with an in-depth understanding and expand your knowledge within the industry.

  • You will learn about cupping skills
  • Different grinders
  • Multiple orders
  • Basic Latte art
  • Refining your technique
  • Test

Level Three | Three Weeks | 24 hours | £450
Our level three course is for the ˜advanced barista.
You will have gained a professional level of training and information about the coffee to be an independent barista, specializing in the arts of coffee.

  • Roasting and cupping
  • Optimizing Extraction
  • Blending
  • You will spend a day in a coffee shop
  • Multiple orders
  • Milk Chemistry
  • Test

Latte Art | Two Days | 14 hours | £400
We run a specialist 'Latte Art Course' for those who already have a full working knowledge on everything coffee but would like to learn the techniques that is in latte art.
This course aims to be the platform for stardom in the form of entrance to world renowned barista competitions.

  • History of Latte Art
  • Milk Chemistry
  • Coffee personalization and design
  • Practice
  • Competition

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