Bartending Courses

ETS – 'Behind The Bar'

Welcome to Essential Training School (ETS), where we offer vocational courses to get you speedily up to date with all things 'bar'.

Level One | Three Weeks | (18 hours) | £200
Level 1 teaches you the origins of everything bar. We cover the history of bars and the key components to its industry. We introduce cocktail tasting, serving glasses and the key equipment/apparatus used as well as what to expect when applying for a job behind the bar.

  • Bar History around the world
  • Cocktail History
  • Spirit Knowledge and tasting (tasting, history and production method)
  • Free pour and different techniques
  • Test

Level Two | Four Weeks | (26 hours) | £450
Level 2 is the natural progression from level one, covering cocktail knowledge and preparation, customer service and creating a world-class-cocktail, in record breaking time. The course covers advanced health and safety training and it introduces day-to day bar management finishing with the knowledge of syrups and mixtures which aims to enhance your palette.

  • Spirit and Cocktail history Knowledge
  • Production of Classic Cocktails
  • Shaking, Mixing, Layering, Blending, Stirring, Straining, Dry Shaking, Muddling, Throwing & Building
  • Bar equipment and glassware
  • Role-play
  • Test

Level Three | Four Weeks | (36 hours) | £800
Level 3 covers setting up and cleaning a bar, advanced level station preparation, how to produce multiple orders (timing and management) and we aim to refine all the modules taught in levels 1 – 3, preparing you for bar and team management.

  • Understanding of Setting up and breaking down the bar in an effective way and its layout
  • Preparation of mixers and syrups
  • Serving multiple orders
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Production of all Classic Cocktails
  • Role-play
  • Test – Competition

Level Four | Three Weeks | (21 hours) | £400
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Level 4 is dedicated to those who have successfully complete level 3 and are looking to refine and learn about garnish skills, cocktails as well as stock management, staff training and management, preparing you to the management position.

  • Introduction to Flair
  • Production of Cocktails
  • Role-play – multiple serve
  • Cellar and storeroom management
  • Garnish Techniques Practice
  • Test

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