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Welcome you to Essential Staff! Today is the day that sourcing quick turnaround work is available to you at the click of a button – but the most important part, is that you’re in control!

The Job-Searcher’s Dilemma

We’re pretty confident that you or someone you know will have been in a situation where sourcing last minute work has been all but impossible – especially for a preferred and reliable company, who will pay you on time… well, that ends here.

How does Essential Staff Work?

Basically, it’s all about you. You are the reason we exist. You are the Essential Staff.

With the Essential Staff platform you are in control. You determine who you want to work for by applying to the available job posts. This can be based on a number of criteria – location of job, role, company and wage expectations.

Essential Staff has been built on a simple but effective platform to help you build your career portfolio while earning a living. If you’re trying to figure out your skillset and career while still wanting to earn a living then Essential Staff is for you.

Similarly, if you’re a seasoned professional, looking for immediate interim work – our model fits you perfectly.

The Extras?

The Essential Staff service doesn’t stop there – we also offer training modules for specific roles and industries for those wanting to specialize.

Our service is free and we have a few packages that may benefit candidates in building their careers and making sure that they can be in employment by planning a schedule of last minute jobs for themselves.

Next Steps...

Are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up (complete your profile as much as you can)
  2. Select a job (apply to jobs that suit your preferences)
  3. Start earning (get work quickly and earn faster)

Build your profile and work to the best of your ability so that you earn the best star rating. This will make your profile more attractive to other employers looking for staff and boost your chances of being selected for further work.

If you have a talent or a side hobby, don’t be shy and share with us. You can load links to your personal promotional pages where prospective employers can listen, view and appreciate your talents. Knowing more about the real you can influence employers’ decisions when hiring so don’t be afraid to show off who you are.

Good luck from us all at Essential Staff and welcome to the world of last minute opportunities!

If you wanto to become an Essential Staff