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This is the employer’s page.
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Employers, we’d like you to say goodbye to your vacant staff headache and hello to the solution...

The Common Problem

You think you have yourself staffed and ready when you get the call. Whatever the reason, a member of staff cannot come in leaving you short.

We understand the inconvenience and pressures of last minute staff cancellations, especially on busy service days and frantic searches for a replacement this brings.
We've seen this problem many times ourselves, which is why we created Essential Staff as the solution to your staffing puzzle.

Essential Staff – 'the Solution'.

Our mission is simple – to provide you with a choice of well-trained Essential Staff, that will deliver above industry standard service for any job, role or function with limited time to spare.

Our process is simple – when you have a vacancies for anything from immediate job cover through to a pre-planned event just use the Essential Staff platform for your staffing needs. Simply post a job on ES, providing location, details of the role, pay rate etc. and you’re presented with a choice of candidates to select from based on our rating scheme, experience and location.

We have created a user-friendly platform that is tailored to the needs of a complex diversity of businesses to help them find the perfect last minute staff. To make the solution even more attractive, we have designed two employer packages for hospitality businesses that we believe can help you manage and prevent these last minute staffing issues going forward.

The Next Steps...

Both of our employers packages are free for basic functionality and search/post features, however our private members package goes above and beyond the normal job placement features with the basic package..

If you need more help defining what type of subscription you need–click through to see more information about each package.

Good luck from us all at Essential Staff and welcome to the world of last minute solutions!

If you need our Essential Staff's service